Looking to increase your ROI? Pay for Customers not Ads.


Increase your ROI. Monetize your unsold inventory.


Enhance your client’s performance. Manage campaigns with a click of a mouse.


RingLatino brings Marketers a fully integrated pay per call online exchange that provides your campaigns instant access to the media you demand most – television, radio, print, and mobile. A one-stop destination; managing campaigns with multiple medias at the click of mouse for real time reporting, accounting and implementation.

RingLatino is built on the foundation of providing the leading tools for both publishers and advertisers to succeed in performance marketing. Our tracking technology, customized analytics, innovative applications and dedicated managers assist in executing strategic marketing plans for advertisers.

RingLatino connects pay per call Direct Response campaigns with major Hispanic Media Outlets, aggregating multiple media channels historically not available or trackable through one channel. Our technology makes it easy to integrate a TV, Radio, Print and Mobile pay-for-performance campaigns into targeted channels of revenue opportunities.

Delivering the highest quality Latino callers to advertisers, and utilizing real time reporting, bring management of Marketer’s pay-per-call campaigns to the forefront of their business model, generating additional unfound revenue for both the Marketer and Media Outlets.

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