Are you less than 100% sold out of inventory? Don’t waste it, monetize it!

You have great content and an engaged audience, but haven’t sold 100% of your inventory. Today, smart businesses are focused on maximizing the potential of their entire inventory. With no commitment, and a real-time platform to monitor your success, you can’t lose! We are committed to bringing additional investment into the Hispanic Media community. The budgets are there, and they grow every month.

Simply put, RingLatino is the marketplace for media companies looking to monetize their unsold inventory. We have strong relationships with recognizable brands and offer the best payment terms to proven partners. If you want to be paid well for generating high quality leads, we want to work with you.

How can we maximize our inventory?

A media company promotes an advertiser’s products or services to earn a commission for each referred call or action. Each publisher receives a unique toll free number which is placed in an ad. The publisher actively promotes the service and earns revenue for qualified events.

RingLatino matches proven pay-for-performance Direct Response campaigns with Media Outlets wanting higher revenue; using our unique platform which provides a seamless process of: campaign selection, delivery and management. Select campaigns that best fits your audience, earn new income and make performance decisions in real time.

Media Dashboard

Log in anytime to get the analytics you need to gauge the progress of the campaign – in real time.

Campaign Selection, Unique Offers

Beyond our unique inventory of campaigns, we have marketers and products to which you may otherwise not have had access.

Identify the highest paying campaigns that match your media’s demographics, geographic reach, pay out desire, promotional methods and other campaign specifics.

To learn more about our exciting offers, click below to sign up.


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